Scout Deliver Popcorn and Nuts Sale is LIVE!

The New Birth of Freedom Council is excited to announce the launch of our 2022 Scout Deliver Sale!

This version of the sale combines the best parts of our Take Order Sale, Show and Deliver and our Online Sale.  Scouts can invite neighbors, family, and friends to visit our online store at  There they will have access to our FULL PRODUCT LINE UP—popcorn and nuts in one place!  Customers can order anything they wish, pay for it online.  Scouts will then deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep during 2 windows of time during the sale.

This new, safe, and easy way of participating in the popcorn and nuts sale provides a contactless way of inviting friends, family, and neighbors to support your Scouting adventure without having to pay expensive shipping and handling fees and having the full product line up in one transaction.

How does the ordering work for the customer?

Ordering product is very simple.  Customers simply follow the link, choose the products that they wish to purchase. Then, customers can choose the unit and the Scout to support.  Customers will be prompted to complete their online orders with a credit card.  The unit will receive a confirmation on the delivery and will receive the products for delivery.  Scouts will then deliver the product to the customer.  Scouts don’t have to collect any money, they simply have to make the delivery.

Is “Scout Deliver” for anywhere in the country?

No.  Both Pecatonica River and Whitley’s have online platforms that are designed for shipping products anywhere in the United States and Scouts should encourage out-of-town relatives and family members to support their popcorn and nuts sales through those means.  “Scout Deliver” is only intended for customers wishing for products to be delivered in our Council footprint (Adams, Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry, and York Counties). 

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