2022 Camp Cards


Summer camp is traditionally one of the top highlights of a young person’s Scouting career.  To provide Scouts with an opportunity to earn their way to summer camp, the New Birth of Freedom Council puts together a special discount card, frequently referred to as a “Camp Card,” featuring discounts and deals at area businesses.  Participating Scouting units earn at least 50% commission on each $5 card they sell.


Local Offers

Purchasers can select from FOUR localized Camp Card versions – Chambersburg/Shippensburg Area, Gettysburg/Hanover Area, Harrisburg Area, and York Area.  Each card offers FOUR one-time offers, and between 10-11 multiple-use offers good through December 31, 2022 (unless otherwise noted).


When you select (below) which localized Camp Camp version you’re considering, a photo of the front and back of that particular card will appear at the top of this page.  Click on the magnifying glass to review the offers on both sides of the card.


Camp cards purchased on-line are $6 each (includes shipping and processing costs). They will be mailed weekly, starting the week of March 14.  All orders before March 14 will be considered preorders and filled once the cards are onsite.


Hundreds of Online Offers

Each card has an online code that the card buyer can use to access hundreds of additional local offers!  Customers will simply enter the code number on the Camp Card they purchase and visit www.boyscoutscampcard.com, set up their account, and start saving through the end of the year!  Card buyers can download an app to their smartphone as well and redeem offers right from their phones from anywhere in North America!


When You Buy A Camp Card Online, We’ll Distribute A Card to Local First Responders and Medical Providers

For every Camp Card purchased online between now and June 1, as part of our Honoring our Heroes Program, the Council will distribute a matching number of Camp Cards to local first responders and medical providers.  These individuals have and continue to work tirelessly and at significant personal risk to help keep all of us safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Scout units will have the option to distribute to heroes in their community.  More information on this program is available here.

Other Options

For customers that would like to support a Scout and/or support donating a card to local first responders and medical providers, you can select from two additional options.

“Donate My Card” – Instead of sending you a card, we will donate your card to a local first responder or medical provider.  We will still match this card, so for the purchase of one card to send, we will send two cards.  The Scout you are buying from will still get credit for the sale.

“Support a Scout” – Instead of sending you a card, you will be making a donation to support local Scouting.  We will still match this card to send a card to a local first responder or medical provider.  The Scout you are buying from will still get credit for the sale.



Optional: Using the dropdown provided, please select a participating Scouting unit to be credited with your purchase.

Optional: Please indicate the name of your Scout salesperson in the field below

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