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Popcorn and Nuts Sale – NEW! “Scout Deliver” Option is LIVE

The New Birth of Freedom Council is excited to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW way for your Scouts to sell popcorn and nuts – “Scout Deliver!” This new version of the sale combines the best parts of our Take Order Sale, Show and Deliver and our Online Sale.  Scouts can invite neighbors, family, and friends to visit our ...

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Virtual Camp Card Sale 2020

There is no doubt that the 2020 Camp Card Sale has taken one unexpected turn after another.  The safety of our Scouts, Scouting families, volunteers, and our community partners is paramount in Scouting and for now, the best thing our Scouts can do is follow the governor’s order to Stay At Home.  For Scouts that rely on the annual Camp ...

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Welcome to the New Birth of Freedom Council’s On-Line Store!

Welcome! If you’ve visited our on-line store previously, perhaps to purchase items related to our Gettysburg Heritage Trails program or one of our special-edition shoulder patches, you’ve probably already noticed the appearance of this part of our council’s website has completely changed.  We’re in the midst of making a number of changes to our council’s overall website and we’ve decided to ...

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