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2019 Wizard Safari Merchandise Available for Pre-Order

The 2019 Wizard Safari will be held on October 11-13 at the Wizard Ranch in Hellam Township, York County and a terrific selection of Safari merchandise and collectibles is now available. We know that Scouts and Scouters enjoy having special clothing items from Scouting events and we think we’ve put together a great line-up of 2019 Wizard Safari apparel items to ...

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Welcome to the New Birth of Freedom Council’s On-Line Store!

Welcome! If you’ve visited our on-line store previously, perhaps to purchase items related to our Gettysburg Heritage Trails program or one of our special-edition shoulder patches, you’ve probably already noticed the appearance of this part of our council’s website has completely changed.  We’re in the midst of making a number of changes to our council’s overall website and we’ve decided to ...

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